A suitable crypto-mixing solution

Cryptocurrency is easy to use but very secure in practice. This is the main goal of Bitcoin. Check how to find the most reliable bitcoin mixer for the security of transactions right now!

Cryptocurrency – your alternative mechanism and financial instrument 

Cryptocurrency provides an alternative mechanism and a real financial instrument that can represent the world’s level of value. Currently, cryptocurrencies are being integrated into the global economy, and their popularity is only growing.

When a new virtual currency is created, one of the first steps is to ensure its availability in the hands of potential users. This can happen in a number of ways, including airdrops, initial token offerings, mining, and/or counterfeiting.

Classic cryptocurrencies are not backed by gold, government assets, paper bonds, armies, oil, industrial or agricultural products. But they do provide some added value for the real economy. For some coins, like Bitcoin, it comes from trading and payments; for others, it comes from infrastructure projects that exist on that platform, and the like.

The most important details of YoMix service

Take a look at  the next details about YoMix features:

  • Low commissions, from 0.7 to 5%.
  • Mixed coins can be received at several addresses, up to 5, and you can also set a delay in receipt and distribute a percentage of coins to each address.
  • The “Random number of transactions” function increases the anonymity of coins leaving the mixer but also increases the commission.

The network fee is paid by the user and deducted from the total mixing amount. Typically, the mixing process with a bitcoin tumbler is completed within an hour, but it can take longer depending on the user-set transmission delay, supplemented by the time it takes to receive 2 blockchain confirmations. It allows you to send cryptocurrency to friends, invest in Bitcoin in countries where access to it is limited, and also pay for online purchases of goods and services.

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