Bitcoin mixers or how to keep Bitcoin anonymous

Modern Bitcoin mixers allow users to make more secure transactions because they don’t reveal their address information. Let’s consider how to keep your assets safe with the YoMix service.

The purpose of the Bitcoin blenders

Even if you are not doing anything illegal, it is still worth considering the anonymity of payments. Each of us wants to be safe, but is it possible to feel comfortable if any person who understands the operation of the blockchain, at least in the initial basics, can calculate your transactions and find out where you transfer your money, what you pay for and how you withdraw it offline? When the user consciousness begins to wake up, and in the wake of interest in confidential transactions, Bitcoin mixing service enters the arena.

At their core, bitcoin mixers are services that mix their users’ bitcoins. All required is registering on the mixer website, sending bitcoins to the specified address, waiting a certain amount, and receiving bitcoins minus commission. Thus, the trail of the chain of transactions in the blockchain breaks, and you get “pure bitcoins.

How to use YoMix?

Three mixing modes are available on YoMix:

  • Complete anonymity. Mixed coins are broken into parts and go to clients of the “mixer” mode, and the rest on the exchanges – to private traders. The user receives clean coins from other exchanges without communication with him and with protection from all types of deanonymization.
  • The classic version of mixing – coins enter the service pool, depersonalize and then go to the exchange. The user is returned the coins of the users of the “Full Anonymity” mode after mixing.
  • Accurate payment. Bitcoins are mixed and depersonalized in the same way as in the “Full Anonymity” mode – coins from foreign crypto exchanges are returned to the user.

To use this service, it is enough to visit its official website. Any user can do this. Transactions carried out on its pages will necessarily be completely anonymous.

Conner Ares

The author Conner Ares